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Welcome to my web-site, I'm Ricky Montero, Midi Musician, Multitrack Freak, 3D Modeler & Guitar Player. This might catch your attention. Since not even the latest technology  has been able to reproduce the spirit and the beauty of the contemporary guitar sound and also because of the lack of creative & talented guitar players I have decided to put myself on the web as a leading guitar expert Musician . My tendencies although are a little bit classical they are an unlimited source of inspiration: Satriani, Lynch, Maiden, Vai, Bratta & some of Malmsteen.


I Got this Idea

Maybe you have a Music Project but you don't know how to get it heavier!    or maybe you just need a cool guitar solo!  or just some guitar arrangements to make your song warmer like the bands you used to hear years ago. 

If you are a musician talk to your sound engineer and if you are a sound engineer then CONTACT ME! There is no need to be in the same Area. I can work all this out through the internet I'll just need a preliminary mixdown of your project compressed in a wma or mp3 format. Then I will insert a solo or the arrangements that you might need. And Finally I will send you the "wav" track for you to add in your project session. As if we have recorded in the same studio.

Third world prices guaranteed!!!!

My Home Studio

I try to keep myself updated about software, equipment & recording techniques. I use standard recording systems Steinberg, Cakewalk, VSTs Plugins and more. AMD Multi-Processing (X3 64 Bits), M-Audio Quattro, Toneport, Line 6 Pod Farm, Digitech real time effects processor, Amp & Cabinet simulators & Floyd Rose tremolo Hardware. My Home Studio it's portable and also versatile. So doesn't matter if you live in Amsterdam or Salt lake City we can work this out. Contact me through MSN or YAHOO. you can hear a simple sample down below.